CAARI-SNEAP 2022 Subtopic Listing (December 4, 2023)

    Topic: Accelerator-Based Analysis(AA)   2 subtopics
  • AA: Ion Beam Techniques and Microscopy (IBTM) 5 sessions

    Development of new or improved IBA techniques (including SIMS, MEIS, LEIS) and applications not covered in AR and AP. Other applications are also suitable if ~50% of presentation is on the technique and the developments and Applications of Ion Microscopy.

    AA-IBTM-01 MeV SIMS and IBA Kincaid (Hybrid) Oct 31, 10:00
    AA-IBTM-02 Cultural Heritage/Forensic Science Kincaid (Hybrid) Nov 02, 10:00
    AA-IBTM-03 Multiple technique analyses including ion beams (TOTAL IBA) Kincaid (Hybrid) Nov 01, 12:30
    AA-IBTM-04 Ion and Micro Beam Analysis I Arabian I/II/III Nov 02, 12:30
    AA-IBTM-05 Ion and Micro Beam Analysis II Arabian Nov 02, 14:30
  • AA: Nuclear-Based Analysis and Neutron Techniques 2 sessions

    Development of new or improved NBA techniques and applications including those with beams of neutrons from accelerators, reactors or n-tubes not covered in AR and AP. Other applications are also suitable if ~50% of presentation is on the technique.

    AA-NBAT-01 Neutron Scattering for Materials Science Research Pioneer III Nov 02, 10:00
    AA-NBAT-02 Neutron Production Detection and Applications Pioneer III Nov 02, 12:30
  • Topic: Accelerators(AC)   2 subtopics
  • AC: Accelerator Facilities (AF) 2 sessions

    Updates on new accelerator facilities; reports on ongoing work; new facilities; facilities for medical applications

    AC-AF-01 Accelerator Facility Updates (major, larger scale) Pioneer III Oct 31, 10:00
    AC-AF-02 Accelerator Facilities (smaller scale at Universities, Industry, Medicine) Pioneer III Oct 31, 12:30
  • AC: Technology Development (TD) 2 sessions

    Accelerator technology: systems, components, instrumentation

    AC-TD-01 Accelerator Technology for Climate, Energy and Security Pioneer III Nov 02, 14:30
    AC-TD-02 Emerging Accelerator Technologies Quarter Oct 31, 14:30
  • Topic: Applications(AP)   4 subtopics
  • AP: Industrial Applications (IA) 3 sessions

    Non-Destructive Testing, Well Logging, Polymer Modification/Cross-Linking, Food Preservation/Sterilization, Waste Treatment, Semiconductor Manufacturing/Ion Implantation, Gemstone Irradiation, Historical/Cultural Item Authentication, Material Identification and Assaying, Lithography, Environmental Applications, Industrial/Medical Radioisotope Production

    AP-IA-01 Geo-Physical and Non-Destructive Testing Applications Quarter Oct 31, 10:00
    AP-IA-02 Advanced Accelerators for Medical/Insect/Pharmaceutical Sterilization and Blood/Food Irradiators Quarter Nov 01, 10:00
    AP-IA-03 High Brightness UV, X-ray, and Gamma-Ray Industrial Accelerator Systems and Applications Pioneer III Nov 03, 10:15
  • AP: Medical Applications (MA) 5 sessions

    Proton and Heavy Ion Therapy, Medical Equipment Sterilization, Medical Imaging, X-ray Radiotherapy

    AP-MA-01 Technological Developments in Medical Accelerator Technology and Future Aspirations Quarter Nov 02, 10:00
    AP-MA-02 FLASH Accelerators and Delivery Systems Quarter Nov 01, 14:30
    AP-MA-03 Recent advances in particle beam radiobiology and radiochemistry Quarter Oct 31, 12:30
    AP-MA-04 Medical imaging in particle therapy Appaloosa (Hybrid) Nov 02, 12:30
    AP-MA-06 Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Quarter Nov 02, 14:30
  • AP: Security and Defense (SD) 3 sessions

    Cargo Scanning, Directed Energy Systems, Interrogation Sources, Nonproliferation Applications, Airport Security Systems, Radiological Source Replacement, Nuclear and Crime Lab Forensics, Stockpile Stewardship, Computational Tools

    AP-SD-01 Security and Defense Palomino Oct 31, 12:30
    AP-SD-02 Neutron Generators Security and Defense Pioneer III Nov 01, 10:00
    AP-SD-03 Detectors for Accelerator-Based Systems Pioneer IV Nov 02, 10:00
  • AP: Teaching with Accelerators (TA) 3 sessions

    Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Educational Experiments and Techniques, Teaching Accelerator Systems, University-National Lab Collaborations to Train Next-Generation Accelerator Scientists, Novel Educational Tools and Methods, Particle Accelerator Mobile Apps and Interactive Learning Programs

    AP-TA-01 Undergraduate Education and Experiments with Accelerators Pioneer III Oct 31, 14:30
    AP-TA-02 Graduate Programs I Pioneer III Nov 01, 12:30
    AP-TA-03 Graduate Programs II Pioneer III Nov 01, 14:30
  • Topic: Applied Research(AR)   3 subtopics
  • AR: Ion enhanced synthesis and modification (ISM) 2 sessions

    Surface modification of materials with ion beams; chemical doping by ion implantation; ion enhanced synthesis of new and novel materials

    AR-ISM-02 Mechanical properties of ion irradiated complex alloys Kincaid (Hybrid) Oct 31, 14:30
    AR-ISM-06 Defect Engineering in Materials with Ion Beam Methods Appaloosa (Hybrid) Nov 03, 10:15
  • AR: Radiation Effects (RE) 8 sessions

    Fundamentals of radiation damage by ions, neutrons and electrons; radiolysis by ionizing radiation generated by accelerators; emulation of radiation effects in nuclear reactors and space environments. Radiation effects in chemical and biological systems not covered by AP

    AR-RE-01 Accelerator-based Irradiation capabilities for Nuclear Energy Research Pioneer IV Oct 31, 14:30
    AR-RE-02 Multiscale Studies of Irradiated Materials for Fusion Applications Quarter Nov 01, 12:30
    AR-RE-03 Innovative Materials for Nuclear Energy Pioneer IV Nov 02, 12:30
    AR-RE-04 Radiation effects in non-metallic materials Pioneer IV Nov 02, 14:30
    AR-RE-05 Radiation Effects in Semiconductors and Complex Oxids Pioneer IV Nov 03, 10:15
    AR-RE-06 Radiation Effects in Nanostructured Materials Kincaid (Hybrid) Nov 01, 10:00
    AR-RE-07 In-situ measurements of ion irradiation damage in materials Pioneer IV Nov 01, 14:30
    AR-RE-08 Radiation Damage and Measurements Arabian Nov 02, 10:00
  • AR: Nanoscience and Technology (NST) 6 sessions

    New and novel nanoscience and applications using ion sources and accelerator beams: nanomechanics, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, 1D and 2D material syhthesis

    AR-NST-01 Focused Ion Beam Implantation for Defect Centers and Sensing - a Sandia Perspective Arabian Oct 31, 10:00
    AR-NST-02 Defect Centers in Wide Bandgap Substrates - Creation and Applications Arabian Nov 01, 12:30
    AR-NST-03 Focused Ion Beams for Irradiation and Implantation Applications Arabian Nov 01, 14:30
    AR-NST-04 Nanoscale Pattern Formation Produced by Ion Bombardment of Solid Surfaces, Part I Arabian Oct 31, 12:30
    AR-NST-05 Nanoscale Pattern Formation Produced by Ion Bombardment of Solid Surfaces, Part II Arabian Oct 31, 14:30
    AR-NST-06 Nanoscale Pattern Formation Produced by Ion Bombardment of Solid Surfaces, Part III Arabian Nov 01, 10:00
  • Topic: Physics Research(PR)   2 subtopics
  • PR: Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMP) 2 sessions

    Atomic and molecular physics with keV ion beams; Applications of electron-ion collisions in atomic and nuclear physics and astrophysics; Fundamental processing in atomic physics; Fundamental processes in molecular collisions; Strong field physics at accelerators and storage rings.

    PR-AMP-01 Atomic collisions: Fundamental processes and applications Pioneer II Nov 03, 10:15
    PR-AMP-02 Atomic & Molecular Processes in Radiobiology and Chemistry Kincaid (Hybrid) Nov 02, 14:30
  • PR: Subatomic Physics (SP) 7 sessions

    New nuclear physics facilities and initiatives; Nuclear physics; Reactions on unstable nuclei; Reactor neutrinos; High energy density physics; Beam development for nuclear physics and isotope production; Physics at RHIC and JLAB; nuclear astrophysics.

    PR-SP-01 Nuclear Astrophysics I Palomino Oct 31, 10:00
    PR-SP-02 Nuclear Astrophysics II Palomino Oct 31, 14:30
    PR-SP-03 Atomic Nuclear and Molecular techniques for fundamental physics I Palomino Nov 01, 10:00
    PR-SP-04 Atomic Nuclear and Molecular techniques for fundamental physics II Palomino Nov 01, 12:30
    PR-SP-07 Neutron Physics I - Precision Measurements I Palomino Nov 01, 14:30
    PR-SP-08 Neutron Physics II - Precision Measurements II Palomino Nov 02, 10:00
    PR-SP-09 Subatomic Physics - Latest Results Palomino Nov 02, 12:30
  • Topic: Plenary Sessions(PS)   4 subtopics
  • PS: Plenary Sessions for Accelerators (AC) 1 session

    Plenary Sessions for Accelerators (AC)

    PS-AC-01 Spallation Neutrons and Applications Kincaid Nov 01, 08:45
  • PS: Plenary Sessions for Applications (AP) 1 session

    Plenary Sessions for Applications (AP)

    PS-AP-01 Development of a new FLASH treatment machine: Phaser Kincaid Oct 31, 08:45
  • PS: Plenary Sessions for Physics Research (PR) 1 session

    Plenary Sessions for Physics Research (PR)

    PS-PR-01 Current Hot Topics in Nuclear Physics Quarter Nov 03, 09:00
  • PS: Plenary Sessions for Applied Research (AR) 1 session

    Plenary Sessions for Applied Research (AR)

    PS-AR-01 Recent pump-probe advancements to interrogate materials dynamics at ultra-fast temporal and ultra-small spatial resolutions Kincaid Nov 02, 08:45
  • Topic: SNEAP(SN)   2 subtopics
  • SN: Status Reports (SSR) 2 sessions

    New Facilities; Status reports; Lab Safety and Operation

    SN-SSR-01 Status Reports I Pioneer IV Oct 31, 10:00
    SN-SSR-02 Status Reports II Pioneer IV Nov 01, 12:30
  • SN: Technical Developments (STDS) 3 sessions

    New Methods and Developments; Ion Sources; Vacuum Systems; Beam Transport and Optics; Control Systems

    SN-STDS-01 Technical Developments I Pioneer IV Oct 31, 12:30
    SN-STDS-02 Technical Developments II Pioneer IV Nov 01, 10:00
    SN-STDS-03 SNEAP Open Forum Session Appaloosa (Hybrid) Nov 01, 14:30